Extreme Arab type, long elegant neck, large eye

High Quality Filly

Incredible, stunning, classy, elegant and chic; these are all terms you could use to describe this filly who is so fittingly named “Shanel” - a name synonymous with chic.  She is sired by RP Jamiro who was recently exported to Saudi Arabia and out of *Soraya Iberic Ali, a very pretty "golden cross" mare. This is a high quality filly for show or breeding. She will be available for purchase July of 2013.

Inquiries Welcome

Extreme Arab type, long elegant neck, large eye


For further information on purchase, contact:

SH Iberic Arabians
Phone: 00 33 609 470 954 or
Email: iafb@orange.fr

United States Agent
Lisa Hjort
Phone: 616 498 1479 or
Email: lihjo6@aol.com

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